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It’s time to lead from the heart with Fearless Content - the membership community for visionary creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs, ready to stop hiding and start shining

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When you find your voice, get visible and start sharing the message you were meant to share, that’s when you step into the full expression of you. And it feels AMAZING.

Which is all great in theory, but in practice it can feel like an impossible mountain to climb.

But you don’t have to do all the things at once, and you don’t have to do it alone...

The most successful online thought leaders, influencers and inspirational teachers all have these things in common:

  • A powerful and aligned message
  • A strong brand voice
  • Captivating storytelling skills
  • The courage and inner work it takes to show up, be seen and push their comfort zones

What some of our founding members have to say...

"I have had a lot difficulty being clear on my messaging and content, and since being a part of the Fearless Content community, I have gained the confidence and clarity I have been searching for. I love all the support I get from Cate and all the women in the group."

- Cheryl Kaspar

Fearless Content with Cate is that solution I’d been missing for so long! I’ve been so scared to put my content out there over fear of getting wrong. With this membership I’m seeing that the reason I was feeling this way is because I had gaps that I need to figure out. Fearless Content is filling these and giving me so much more confidence to tell my story and share my content with the world. Plus the bonus is that I have an amazing group of women who are supporting and cheering me along!

- Laura Jane, Stylist

Fearless Content brings together everything you need to find your voice and start creating captivating communications that will not only deepen your relationship with your soulmate clients and customers, but help you step on to a bigger stage.

The Fearless Content Membership Community is a sisterhood of visionary creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders, coming together to work on finding our voices, peeling back those blocks and fears that keeps us small and hidden, and learning the tools and strategies that will get you seen, heard and sharing the kind of content & communications that really can make an impact on your little corner of the universe.

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